The Control and Development Laboratory in Epernay is made up of 7 persons dedicated to a range of different domains:
  • Guaranteeing the quality of IOC’s oenology products,
  • Developing innovative products, services and technological tools,
  • Detecting with winemakers the origin of any issue and being able to solve it.
To conceive and develop original solutions, tomorrow’s solutions, here are some examples of IOC’s current research projects:
  • The formulation of greener, more natural products, such as chitin derivatives
  • The use of Yeast Protein Extract
  • Reducing the use of SO2
  • Understanding and seeking solutions for racking phenomena
  • Expertise in all phenomena relating to sparkling wine
  • ...

The C&D team is involved in the biggest oenology research programmes with inspiring partnerships:
  • Detailing notions of fullness and volume with the Taste Sciences Department at Dijon
  • Work on minerality with the backing of Dijon University and Changins College in Switzerland through a European project named InterReg
  • ...